Organic free-range eggs

Free-range chicken eggs

Eggs from certified farms

Our eggs come from organic standard certified farms using free-range system. Under this system, the chickens are permitted to roam freely on the farmland, allowing them to express their natural behaviors and feed themselves with the organic living they can find in the ground. The chickens being raised in the friendly environment will be healthier and happier, yet they have higher immunity but less stress. The chickens are also fed with natural organic food, free from the use of growth hormone and antibiotic. The product are fresh, high quality eggs that are free from chemical residues and safe for consumption.




Eggs from free-range farm

Our eggs are derived from the leading local farms whose management are in compliance with the Livestock Development Department’s standard. This kind of farms uses free-range system as well, and the chickens are allowed to live freely in the natural environment and free from the use of growth hormone, antibiotics or color accelerations. The farmers generally use bio-fermented juice or medicinal herbs to treat and strengthen the chickens’ immunity. Plus, the chickens are also fed with natural organic grains. The products are fresh organic eggs with high quality and nutrition values equivalent to those derived from the organic certified farms.

Chicken farm standard organic