Our free-range chickens are rich in protein and vitamin. Our chickens are totally free on the Farmland pasture with exceptional dietary values.

Our chickens are totally free on the Farmland pasture. Our chickens are crossbreed with exceptional dietary values. Unlike industrial farming chickens or any other locally pastured chickens, our free-range chickens are rich with protein and vitamin, packed with higher collagen density but have lower calorie. With this free3range system, we produce the chicken meat

that are full-flavored and delectably succulent.

At our 37-acre free-range farm on the hill, all chickens can pasture on the farmland. They are allowed to feed themselves freely with variety of natural organic food which they find in the ground. We also add cereals such as corn to help our chicken meat softer and well-colored, ground soybeans and acacia leaf to boost protein, bran to increase vitamin B, and organic rice germ to provide carb source. The key protein sources for our organic diet are derived from crickets, termites and worms.

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