Organic milk tablet with probiotics

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1 Bag (20 tabs) 35 thb. equivalent to 250 ml of milk
25 Bags (1 Box) 800 thb

The most important and it is the reason why we start making it is we working with the faculty of dentistry Prince Songkhla Nakarintra on the project research about the probiotics that fight again tooth decay .The result of this project is probiotic name Lactobacillus rhamnosus sd11 which we mix it with others 4 probiotics which take care our digestive system .

When we combined 5 species of probiotics together with the best quality milk powder we will have the food that is not only the good source of protein but also take our digestive system from oral cavity through the whole intestines.

The last ingredient is Maltitol that make our product taste great but not promote the growth of bad bacteria that causing tooth decay.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size : 20 Tablets (25 g.)
Serving per package about : 1 Sachet

Amount per serving
Total energy : 120 kcal.
(Energy from fat 40 kcal)

%Daily Value
Total Fat : 4.5g. 7%
Saturated Fat : 2.5g. 12%
Cholesterol : 20mg. 7%
Protein : 4 g.
Total Carbohydrate : 14g. 5%
Sugar Fiber 0g. 0%
Sugar : 11g.
Sodium : 45mg. 2%

%Daily Value*
Vitamin A : 0%
Vitamin B1: 4%
Vitamin B2 : 30%
Calcium : 10%
Iron : 15%

*Percentage of nutrients for Thai recommended daily intakes for ages of 6 years and up, (Thai RDI), are based on the energy demand of 2,000 kilocalories/day.

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